Light Up BATS!

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Light Up BATS! is BATS Improv's most ambitious fundraising campaign ever.  

BATS has been performing under an old and outdated lighting system for years now. Over the last few years we've been dealing with failing instruments and wiring system that can't hold up to our demanding show schedule. Our stage is getting darker.

We could simply fix the instruments we have, and patch the system up so that it works like it has in the past, but we've got our eye on the future:

  • We want to set ourselves up for doing great theatre for years to come! 
  • We want to make our lights an even greater part of the magic we create on stage. 
  • We want to remain a state-of-the-art improvisational theatre company doing boundary-pushing work.
  • We want to reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing the quality of our shows.

That means investing in something unlike what we've had before - a hybrid LED lighting system which will be an overhaul of our current setup. It will provide us higher quality lights on the stage, greater versatility, and better energy efficiency.

The price tag on this game-changer is $150,000.  As of November 2019, we've raised $130,000!!  That's enough to get us MOST OF THE WAY there.  Your support can seal the deal.

We can't do this project without the strength and commitment of our community so we're rallying our troops to make it happen! We want YOU to be a part of ushering in this next chapter of great San Francisco improv.   

Want more nitty gritty about what this project is and how we're going to make it happen?  Download our One Page Project Overview!

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Thank you for supporting engaging, risky, state of the art live theatre in San Francisco!


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