Share Your Story: My First Improv Class

Tell us your story about the start of your improv journey, your very first improv class, whether it was two weeks ago at BATS, or thirty years ago anywhere! We'd love to hear from you privately even if you don't want to share your story on the website.

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  • Lisa Stotlar
    Just a few hours ago, I had my first intro to improv class. What a fun-filled, inspiring afternoon. The coach (and BATS co-founder) William Hall was incredible. I feel so lucky I got him as an instructor. Thank you for a wonderful and wonder-filled day. I was nervous coming into the class but now I’m officially hooked!
  • Joel Bloom
    My first improv class was a drop-in 2 hour workshop on a Wednesday night in Mid-town Sacramento at the Comedy Spot. I laughed so hard I felt like a silly little kid. I was hooked and amazed at what else comes from Improv. The way you get to play with people shows us our true selves and teaches us how to be our better selves…on and off stage. The friends I’ve made during the process of learning to improv are now friends for life. Yes, and I’m still friends with the instructor that taught my first class. My pal, Capt’n Corky!
  • Rebecca #StayHome Stockley
    My first Theatre Sports improv class was in Seattle, WA. The teacher, Josh Conescu, loaned me his copy of IMPRO, and my life changed forever.