Share Your Story: Why I Support BATS

Thank you for supporting BATS as a donor. Please share what prompted you to make a donation. We'd love to hear from you privately even if you don't want to share your story on the website.

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  • Elizabeth Wright
    I am enjoying the online shows. You are all very creative. Thank you so much!
  • Bridget Palmer
    Your work is inspirational! You are committed to developing your craft and inviting other people into the wonderful world of improv. You inspired me to start an improv company in Santa Rosa because I love what you are doing so much. That led to 5 years of playing with other creative adults and entertaining local audiences in a wonderful way. I want your company to make it through this tough economic spot. Hang in there!
  • Kevin Oshiro
    I was a student almost 10 years ago. So many great memories, met one of my best friends through BATS classes. Blown away by the warm, humble inclusiveness of everyone – special shout outs to Lisa, Ben, Ken! Been away for a long time due to some challenging life adventures, making it an even bigger treat catching the murder mystery tonight (4/4). Thank you all for not letting Dr. Evilvirus stop your creativity, compassion and sharing joy!!
  • Sarah Dardick
    I am a San Francisco holdout who works in community mental health serving homeless adults. The stories my colleagues and I hear and the demands of the work we do nearly breaks us at times. We have been attending your shows for a couple of years now, and it is one of the things that keeps us sane and connected to the good stuff in the world. We love and value you all so much (plus, you have made me laugh so hard a couple of times that I nearly passed out from lack of oxygen!).
  • Martin Lagrange
  • Shelley Friedman
    I am SO stuck at home, and really really appreciate getting to see all your wonderful, talented faces this weekend in my house!
  • Amanda Harrell
    Thank you so much for trying out shows via Zoom! I’m looking forward to viewing Friday’s murder mystery from my kitchen table in Tucson, AZ. Much love to all of you at BATS
  • Melissa Denny
    I enjoyed the show tonight and wanted to make a donation to support all of you at BATS!
  • Buck Farmer
    OMG my partner and I are breathless (from laughter) watching the virtual improv show March 20th
  • Gemma Bulos
    love you all… so sorry this is happening. Even thought I can’t be there live, I can’t imagine a world without BATS live shows! We need the BATS spirit and community even more than ever in this everchanging evolving world…. I love you all!
  • Uta Walter
    Love you all for your spirit and skills, without which my life would be so much poorer! Hard times right now, but they, too, shall pass. Uta
  • Dan O'Connor
    We are totally stoked and hella psyched to donate to BATS and light up the Bay Front! Here’s to a well lit future! Dan O’Connor and Edi Patterson-O’Connor
  • Rebecca #StayHome Stockley
    The nuance and theatricality of good lighting improves the experience of theatre. Plus, Improvisers are better when you can see them well. You can quote me.
  • Lisa Rowland
    BATS has been my artistic home for the last 12 years, and a part of what makes San Francisco great for the last 30 years. Not only am I personally grateful for what it has given me, I think continuing to make beautiful improv elevates the artform and gives a really wonderful, really needed thing to the community — a place to connect with people in a kind, bold, playful way. I want to make sure it stays vital and vibrant.