Share Your Story: Why I Support BATS

Thank you for supporting BATS as a donor. Please share what prompted you to make a donation. We'd love to hear from you privately even if you don't want to share your story on the website.

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  • Dan O'Connor
    We are totally stoked and hella psyched to donate to BATS and light up the Bay Front! Here’s to a well lit future! Dan O’Connor and Edi Patterson-O’Connor
  • Rebecca Stockley
    The nuance and theatricality of good lighting improves the experience of theatre. Plus, Improvisers are better when you can see them well. You can quote me.
  • Lisa Rowland
    BATS has been my artistic home for the last 12 years, and a part of what makes San Francisco great for the last 30 years. Not only am I personally grateful for what it has given me, I think continuing to make beautiful improv elevates the artform and gives a really wonderful, really needed thing to the community — a place to connect with people in a kind, bold, playful way. I want to make sure it stays vital and vibrant.